Technology is the Future. Bitsbox Gets Your Kids Prepared.

That's why thousands of parents and kids LOVE Bitsbox.

Your child may become a coder some day. Or they may not. Either way, because tech is the future, Bitsbox will have them prepared.

Every month, get your bright, colorful, fun instructions!

Kids love the instruction cards. They're just so fun and easy to follow!

Complete the Exciting Projects Online!

Your child logs in and gets right into coding. They get to see the project come to life right before their eyes.

The Apps & Games They Create Work on Any Device!

Get ready to see your child's face when they open up their apps on a phone, tablet, AND computer!

"Can my child code?"

Yes! Bitsbox makes coding EASY! Any child can have fun and create amazing apps & games!

"what's in the box?"

You and your child will eagerly await each box.

Inside are easy-to-follow instructions for the apps and games your child codes. The instruction cards are colorful and exciting, holding kids' attention.

There's even a "Grownup Guide" just for you!

Benefits Your Child for Life

Yes! Your child will learn to code. And yes! They will become great with technology along the way. But that's not all Bitsbox helps them with...

Focus & Attention

The practice of following instructions and reading carefully helps kids learn to better focus and pay attention.


When something goes wrong in the code, your child will need to think it through to fix it. (Of course, we're also here to help!)


Kids feel so proud when their apps & games come to life. They become more confident in what they can achieve.


Being a fast typer is necessary today. Your child will get lots of typing practice, improving their abilities.

Together Time

Some kids thrive on doing Bitsbox alone. For other kids, it's great quality time with their parents.


Kids choose colors, shapes, sounds, and more. They get to make design choices. Coding is art.

And More

Every child's experience with Bitsbox is unique. What will your child's journey be?

"Within the hour, she had written her first program. Tears of joy came to her eyes." - Claire, Proud Mother

Let's Get Your Child Coding. the Bitsbox way.

get your first box!

Hundreds of Ridiculously Awesome Projects!

Your child gets to choose from literally hundreds of insanely awesome games & apps... that they build themselves! Kids can't believe how good it feels for your app to come to life.

Kids build games & apps like:
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Bitsbox Parents Speak Out

"So far we love it. I have a 7 year old daughter who wants to grow up and be a computer nerd. Thanks for helping make her dream come true!"
"Grandson has not stopped talking about it....even took it to school to show his teacher and she is asking the principal if it can be ordered for the school!!!!"
"Thanks so much - we LOVE your product and have been telling everyone about it!! And I will continue to give boxes for birthday gifts to everyone."
"My 10-year-old absolutely loves his first Bitsbox. He is proud of his creations and has fun showing them off."
"No other coding platform approaches coding like learning a new language. Bitsbox is the best out there - teach your kids to LOVE to code!"
"STOKED to see my 8 year old girl loving the coding activities. When I was her age, "girls didn't do science"… there is NO WAY that at her age we'll accept "girls don't code"."
"My kids spent 6 hours playing with Bitsbox last night. They've been playing with Scratch and -- but they felt that this was much cooler and they loved the fact that they felt like they were writing real code."
"It's really cute. We like the immediate gratification of being able to see it work with just a bit of coding, and we're all learning along on my computer. Also, the stickers. Who doesn't like stickers?"
"Thanks for being part of such a great company. Bitsbox made my summer so much easier and my kids were so proud of themselves. Nice that a 12 year old boy and a 9 year old girl both loved everything!"
"I think my favorite thing while watching him play with Bitsbox so far was his excitement when he realized that he was the one behind the scenes making the color’s change or whatever else he wants to do within the apps he’s created. It was like a total “WHOA!!” moment for him."

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Bitsbox is quite a production to put on!

The high-quality materials make everything so interactive and special for kids... But still, our goal was to keep it as accessible as possible to as many people as possible to spread the joy and fun.

That's why subscriptions start at just $28.95 per month.

And you can cancel any time. But fair warning: It's such a great activity! Once you and your child start, you too will eagerly wait for your box each and every month to keep the code alive.

Is coding too hard for my child?

We hear this all the time. The answer: No way!

Bitsbox breaks it down into fun, simple activities that ANY child can do!

Kids love following the colorful cards that arrive in every box.

It just makes it so dang easy -- but still gives them plenty of challenge to help them grow.

Who created Bitsbox?

Bitsbox was created by two ex-Google engineers.

They wanted to teach their kids to code... but nothing out there got it just right.

So, they created the perfect system for their own kids.

Years later, thousands of children and families eagerly await their box each month.

The kids love the excitement and thrill. The parents love knowing they're getting their kids ready for a bright, successful life.

What ages is Bitsbox for?

Bitsbox is intended for kids ages 7-12.

That said, many kids 5-6 year olds love Bitsbox! And many teens 13-14 also love it, too! 

It depends on the child. If your child is technical (likes legos, computers, tablets) and/or creative or artistic, there's a good chance they'll love Bitsbox too.

Still have questions?
We'd love to chat with you!